Chimney Sweep help & advice from Chimney Sweep Cambridge. Tips to get your chimney swept safe for winter.

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As autumn is upon, fire and log burners are being stocked up, Lincolnshire Fire and rescue or urging residents to ensure their chimney are safe to use.

Now is the time to consider having your chimney swept before they are used as the onset of cold weather hits the country.

The county’s firefighters were called to 93 separate fires contained within the Chimney’s of family homes between October 17 last year and April 30 this year.

That figure was higher than the same period in the previous winter and community fire safety manager Lee Marsh is keen to reverse the trend.

“Every year, as the colder weather approaches, we see a spike in the numbers of callouts we receive for chimney fires” said Lee Marsh.

Those 93 callouts last winter could have been avoided with simple maintenance. So this is why we recommend all chimneys and flues should be cleaned and checked  to insure they are free from debris and in good working order.

A blocked or defective chimney can be distressing and expensive and chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning is very dangerous so it is essential to employ a professional qualified Chimney sweep.

Whilst whilst it is important to sweep your chimney at this time of year it is also important to have your boiler tested to ensure it is also safe.

I would strongly advise everyone to get it checked now.

Chimneys should be swept as follows.

Wood up to 4 times a year

Oil once a year

Gas once a year

Bituminous coal twice a year

Smokeless coal at least once a year.

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